Stunning Serena

First Impressions

It’s pretty bold to call yourself stunning, but Serena pulls it off pretty well. She has beautiful dark hair and an amazing set of eyes that she accentuates by using dark eye liner. She has just a hint of Goth in her, which I find attractive. She also has a nice pair of breasts and a slim, sexy body. She clearly gets topless inside her site, although they censor her nipples as you browse the tour. The video screencaps show her playing with her pussy, so it seems like there’s lots of fun to be had when you get inside.

Hot Promises

There’s a quote on the free tour that reads “This is what dreams are really made of,” which is a bold promise for a teen babe. Serena clearly aims high and there’s a lot to like about that. She provides plenty of free images on her tour and though many of them are small they still allow you to get a taste of what she offers. There will be plenty of lingerie, sexy bathing suits and cute teen tops to be enjoyed. There are also tons of video clips filled with all kinds of naughty behavior.


Inside the member’s area you’ll find an almost overwhelming number of content sections to visit. First though you should read the short introductory message by Serena, check out the latest additions, and quickly browse over the bonus sites. After that it’s straight to the picture galleries, where you’ll find more than 100 sets. Each image set can be viewed in a high or medium resolution and you can also make use of the slideshow if you prefer. The options, especially the two resolutions, are impressive and somewhat rare in the world of solo babe sites.

Serena is exceptionally good looking and her penchant for eye makeup helps her stand apart from her peers. It adds a certain sexiness to all her content that you don’t normally find. I also like that her galleries feature such a wide variety of outfits. In some she’ll pose in sexy lingerie to show off her slim body. In others she’s posing in a typical teen outfit of a t-shirt and jeans. Most of the time she’s working a sexy, seductive look which most of you will enjoy.

Serena is a topless model only in her picture sets; she ends up getting naked in some of her content sets but you’ll never see her pussy. I didn’t have any trouble with this since seeing just about all of her body is treat enough. She has a great pair of tits – small and perky – and she looks like she spends quite a bit of time at the gym. There are a few galleries where she poses with other chicks and each is extremely hot. I especially like the one where she poses with Kate, from KatesPlayground

There are two galleries that I really loved. The first features Serena posing in a tight red tube top and a pair of denim shorts. It’s a simple yet sexy look that serves her well. Underneath the shorts she has on a pair of red panties that match her top. The second gallery is my favorite though. In it Serena is posing in a sheer mesh teddy that leaves almost nothing to the imagination. You can see her breasts and hints of her pussy if you look close enough. She ends up naked and those pictures are stunning as well.

Much to my surprise, Serena has actually uploaded more videos than pictures for her members. There are more than 120 videos available, each featuring her in a different naughty situation. The one drawback is the low quality. The videos display at 320x240, and if you have any experience watching clips from an adult site you know that’s not quite high enough. They end up looking a little grainy and in some cases it looks like they didn’t use any lighting.

Still, despite the low quality it’s worth exploring the clips for one significant reason: Serena masturbates in many of her videos and it’s quite explicit. She shows off her pusy, she fingers herself deeply and she even uses a toy on occasion. The masturbation is even accompanied by loud moans of pleasure and bodily spasms. You get to see full shots of her pussy lips, shots of the slippery slickness, and the occasional up close picture of a finger driving into her hot slit.

The videos don’t end there though. If you make your way over to the webcam video section you’ll find more than 30 full shows for download. Serena no longer does weekly shows, but she used to keep a steady schedule. Most of those shows have been uploaded for you to enjoy, and I sampled quite a few. In one Serena uses the famous Rabbit dildo to fuck herself and the camera zooms in quite close on her pussy. In another she dresses as a naughty cop and strips for the camera. Having seen plenty of webcam shows in my life I can say that these are some of the most explicit. The only downside is the low 320x240 resolution.

Although Serena doesn’t do webcam shows anymore you can still catch at least three shows a week starring other babes from the Spunky network. The girls all bring something different to the table; some aren’t willing to get naked for instance. The candids section offers a look at Serena’s real life as she goes shopping for home goods, hangs out with her friends, plays the guitar, etc. The forums allow you to talk with other models in the Spunky network and other members of the site. Serena also has more than 25 wallpapers for her fans, each of which comes in four resolutions. Finally there’s a friends section that offers twenty galleries of other girls from around the web.

Although Serena has enough content to last you quite some time, she no longer updates her site. Because of that at some point you’re going to run out of pictures and videos. This problem is remedied by the 10 bonus sites that come with your membership. Eight of these are solo babe sites just like Serena’s; the design is even the same. The ninth features Serena posing with another babe, a blonde cutie named Ashley. The tenth is a hardcore site that stars notable porn stars and is largely uninspiring.

Croco’s Opinion

Stunning Serena set the bar pretty high for herself when she named her site. However, she comes through by providing more than 100 picture galleries and 150 downloadable videos. Even better is the fact that the videos are totally naughty and show Serena playing with her pussy. Although she doesn’t do webcam shows anymore you can watch at least three shows a week featuring hot young models. Finally, there are 10 bonus sites that will provide enough content to keep you busy for months. StunningSerena is a great value.


The site design is excellent and easy to use. The picture galleries are laid out very well and they load quickly. The videos could use more preview images, but they’re small enough that the downloads don’t take very long.

Pricing Policy

You can join by credit card or online check. Either way it’s $24.95 for the first 30 days and $19.95 every 30 days after that.

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